Keep Quiet Black Boy: A Leadership Guide to Mentoring Millennials

About The Book

Vincent Dublado

By Vincent Dublado for Readers’ Favorite

Keep Quiet Black Boy: A Leadership Guide to Mentoring Millennials by Jerome Frierson is a call to action for black youths ranging from 18 to 21 years old to pursue a college education as well as for church leaders to employ the necessary tools provided herein to effectively mentor and establish better community relationships. Divided into five chapters, this book is a well-streamlined guide on African-American mentorship that begins by pointing out the common problems besetting effective mentorship. It then proceeds to tackle holistic approaches and sacred literature in the mentorship of young black men. It covers a design overview that includes population studies and the role of religious communities. It is an examination of church-based mentoring programs for African-American males in early adulthood—a stage in their lives where they often experience challenges rooted in generational racism.

Lily Andrews

Keep Quiet Black Boy: is a nuanced leadership guide to mentoring millennials and a transparent empirical Christian guide whose thought and concept have been drawn from a line of real experience and multifaceted surveys and interviews, which culminate in the author’s passion to break a hideous cycle that has limited many young African American men for decades.
Coming from a black community where humiliation, discrimination, oppression, poor economic status, racism, and agony stood paramount, the author carefully carves this book in skill and ardor into an eye opener, whose sole purpose is to enlighten and deliver infinite wisdom and liberating truths to similarly disadvantaged African American young men, who he strongly feels have a greater need for social support than others.

Keep Quiet Black Boy

Keep Quiet Black Boy is a powerful tool in a mentoring program with a focus on building positive racial identity in the face of societal oppression. What makes Jerome Frierson’s book unique is how he addresses issues young African-American male issues in relation to generational, societal, and theological ties. He takes note of the role that race, culture, and religion play in the effective formation and support of mentoring to help the mentees overcome barriers to their success. As for mentors, this work helps to sharpen cultural competence and understanding to effectively work with the youth of color, especially those who have developed a mistrust of authority. Whether you are a millennial in search of a mentor or someone who intends to provide mentorship, this book will become your indispensable reference.


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