Keep Quiet Black Boy: A Leadership Guide to Mentoring Millennials


Press Release

Author Announces The Release Of His Book, Keep Quiet, Black Boy:
A Leadership Guide To Mentoring, Just In Time For
Father’s Day, June 19, 2022

(BRONX), NY – May 18, 2022 – As an African American native of the Bronx, New York, Dr. Jerome Frierson wanted to do something to reduce the college dropout rate. He decided to conduct research and was able to identify the multiple obstacles that many young men face within his community. The concerns impacting 18 to 21 year old males include education, finances and the environment that they live in.

Having a mentor is key in navigating these challenges. Mentoring youth is not a new concept; it is done with the help of churches, colleges, businesses and community groups. Dr. Jerome Frierson, Christian author, released his mentoring book Keep Quiet, Black Boy: A Leadership Guide to Mentoring Millennials. His goal is to empower and encourage millennial males to attain higher education. In addition, he wrote this book for anyone who felt like the odds were stacked against them; no matter what adversity you go through in life, you can make it. In this mentoring guide, readers see the need for fatherly figures that are trustworthy and willing to mentor. This book is the perfect gift for Father’s Day!

Dr. Frierson transparently discusses his experience as a millennial living in the New York City Housing Authority. He provides readers with research gathered from colleges, students, churches and the community. Additionally, he provides answers to important questions while identifying barriers to mentoring. This book provides readers with tools to ensure successful outcomes. It is the perfect book for those interested in developing a formal mentoring program.

This book is available at Amazon this Father’s Day, June 19th for those that may be interested in getting a copy.

Jerome Frierson, Ed. D, is an author, and lead pastor, King of Kings Empowerment Ministry. He has been instrumental in meeting the basic needs of disadvantaged families for over 30 years. The mailing address is 1687 Gleason Avenue, #90, Bronx, NY. 10472. For more information, go to

Rev. Dr. Jerome Frierson @
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